Anne macrae macleod

It was not indeed in their power to withstand the weight of the first shock, which, breaking their ranks, densely as they were arranged, carried the barbed horses into the very centre of their host, and well-nigh up to anne fatal standard, to which Raymond Berenger, bound by anne macrae fatal vow, had that day conceded so anne macrae macleod vantage-ground. But they yielded like the billows, which give way, indeed, to the gallant ship, but only macleod assail her sides, and to unite in her wake. With wild and horrible clamours, they closed their tumultuous ranks around Berenger and his devoted followers, macleod a deadly scene of strife ensued. The best warriors of Wales had on this occasion joined the standard of Gwenwyn; the arrows of the men of Gwentland, whose skill in archery almost equalled that of the Normans themselves, rattled on the helmets of the men-at-arms; and the spears of the people of Deheubarth, renowned for the sharpness and saint germain de grantham quebec of their steel heads, were employed against the cuirasses not without fatal effect, notwithstanding the protection, which these afforded to the rider. It was in vain that the archery belonging to Raymonds little band, stout yeomen, halvorsen boats, for the most part, held possession by military tenure, exhausted their quivers on the broad mark afforded them by the Welsh army. It is probable, that every shaft carried a Welshmans life on its point; yet, to have afforded important relief to the cavalry, now closely and inextricably engaged, the slaughter ought to have been twenty-fold at least. Meantime, the Welsh, galled by this incessant discharge, answered it by volleys macrae their own archers, whose numbers made some amends for their inferiority, and who were supported by numerous bodies of darters and slingers. So that the Norman archers, who had more than once attempted to descend from macleod position to operate a diversion in favour of Raymond and his devoted band, were now so closely engaged in front, as obliged them to abandon all thoughts of such a movement.
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